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I am Anusha, food lover and blogger. For me, cooking is an art and I believe it can be mastered by practice. Besides the love for cooking, being creative gives different dimension to it. I would like to share few words about how my interest towards cooking started. Since my childhood, the person whom I inspired the most is my mom. I was very much impressed by her cooking and the taste of the dishes that she prepares needs a special mention.  It was through her,  my passion for cooking started. During my school days, I used to watch the cookery shows in the TV and gave it a try under my mom's supervision.

After my schooling, I did not have much time to explore in the kitchen as I moved to chennai for my undergrad. Soon after my college, got into a job and my days became even more busier. My venture on cooking started in full fledges only after my marriage. Initially for a couple of months, I was just cooking the recipes that I learnt from my mom. My hubby was appreciating almost all the dishes that I cooked and encouraged me to start a food blog with the collection of recipes along with stepwise pictures. It was through him I entered into this world of blogging and it has been close to a year now. I understand that it is a very vast field and each day is a learning for me. I started this space with the south Indian recipes and I am in the process of trying out different cuisines.

I was capturing the pictures of all the dishes with my basic canon digital camera. So most of the pictures in my old posts will not be of greater resolution. Recently, got a Nikon D5100 and I started using that for all my food photographs. Planning to replace the pictures in all the older posts as I when I find time. I learnt that food photography plays a vital role in becoming a successful blogger. I am just a beginner in food photography and just started with reading food photography books.
This is my own little corner where I carry out my culinary trials.

Apart from cooking, I love to spend my time on handicrafts and jewelry making. I am in the process of creating the websites for both. I will be launching it shortly and will update this space with the links for both.

I would love to hear the comments and suggestions. Please drop an email to soupstodesserts@gmail.com for any queries related to the recipes.

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