Rava Kesari Recipe | Kesari Recipe

Rava Kesari Recipe

Rava Kesari is one of the sweet recipes that can be prepared in very less time. Though its one of the quick recipes, it tastes very delicious. I used to make it quite often as we both like it. I completely stopped adding artificial food colours to any of the recipes. Since we got used to  kesari with orange/yellow colours, I replaced the food colours with a generous pinch of saffron which gives a nice golden yellow colour.

Sooji Kesari Recipe

Rava Kesari Recipe
Preparation Time : 5 Minutes
Cooking Time: 15 Minutes
Serves : 4


Sooji/ Rava

1/2 Cup


3/4 Cup


2 Tablespoons


1/2 Tablespoon


10 Nos


10 Nos

Cardamom Powder

A Pinch


A Pinch

Preparation Method
Heat a pan and add a 1/2 tablespoon of ghee and oil. Once it is hot, add cashew and raisins and fry them till it turns into light golden brown colour.
Rava Kesari Recipe step 1
To that add sooji/rava and roast them till you get a nice aroma and slight change in colour.  Stir continuously so that the rava doesnt get burnt. Add 1.5 cups of hot water and mix well. Add few saffron strands.
Rava Kesari Recipe step 2
Allow the rava to get cooked completely. Then add sugar and mix well immediately so that there are no lumps.
Rava Kesari Recipe step 3
Finally add cardamom powder, remaining ghee and give it a mix for a minute and turn off the flame.
Rava Kesari Recipe step 4

After adding sugar, do not cook for long time. Turn off the flame when the consistency is slightly loose. It will become thick once it cools down.
You can reduce the quantity of sugar by 1- 2 tablespoons if preferred.
Adding saffron is optional.
Always add hot water as it will make the kesari soft and nice.


Kesari Recipe


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