Homemade Paneer Recipe


Homemade Indian Cheese Recipe

Its been quite a while since I have posted a new recipe. Yes, this blog space has been idle for couple of months. This is my first post in 2016. So starting it with a simple and quick hoememade paneer recipe. I used to cook different paneer recipes quite often. Everytime I make paneer recipes, I prefer to use homemade paneer. However I realized that I missed to post how to make homemade paneer. So Finally here is the recipe!!

Homemade Paneer Recipe

Homemade Paneer Recipe
Preparation Time : 30 Minutes
Cooking Time  10 Minutes


Whole Milk 1 Litre
Lemon Juice/ Vinegar 2 -  3 Teaspoons

Preparation Method

Heat milk in a pan and bring it to boil. When the milk is boiling well, add vinegar or lemon juice and mix well. When the milk is curdled completely, turn off the flame. Strain the curdled milk in a muslin cloth or clean cotton cloth.
Paneer Recipe Step 1
Bring all corners of the cloth together and hold it tight. Drain the whey water by pressing it. Place the Muslin cloth containing cheese on a plate and keep a heavy weighted object on the top. Allow it to rest for 20-30 minutes. Once it is set well, take out the paneer and cut them in to cubes. This paneer can be refrigerated in an air tight container for around 3 days.

Paneer Recipe Step 2


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