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Thengai Boli Recipe

Thengai poli is our family’s favorite sweet. We got this recipe from one of our childhood neighbours. She used to make perfect and tasty polis. My mom learnt from her and whenever I go home for holidays, poli will always be there in the menu atleast once. She also used to make it when we have guests at home. Even all the guests started liking the poli which my mom makes. I used to help my mom in making poli at times, that is how I learnt this recipe. After almost a year’s time, I made poli last evening and quickly clicked some pictures.

Thengai Poli Recipe

Thengai Poli Recipe
Preparation Time : 30 Minutes
Cooking Time : 30 Minutes
Yields : 6 Nos

For Dough

Maida / Plain Flour 1 Cup
Turmeric Powder 1 Teaspoon
Salt A Pinch
Oil 1 Tablespoon
Ghee As Required

For Stuffing

Grated Coconut 3/4 Cup
Powdered Jaggery 1/4 Cup + 1 Tablespoon
Cardamom Powder 1/4 Teaspoon
Ghee 1 Teaspoon

Preparation Method
Measure 1 cup of maida and add salt. Mix well. Mix turmeric powder in little water and add it to the flour. Give it a mix and add water little by little to knead the dough to a soft texture.
Thengai poli Recipe Step 1
Finally add oil. Mix well again and coat the dough with little oil and allow it to remain for 1- 2 hours in a closed container.
Thengai poli Recipe Step 2
Meanwhile get the stuffing ready. Heat a pan and add ghee. Add the grated coconut and fry them for few seconds till you get a mild aroma. Add the jaggery and mix well.
Thengai poli Recipe Step 3
Add cardamom powder and start mixing. The jaggery powder will melt and it all comes together without sticking to the pan. At this stage add a teaspoon of ghee and mix again. Allow it to cool down.
Thengai poli Recipe Step 4
Split the dough to equal sized balls. Take aluminum foil or parchment paper or banana leaf. Place the dough ball on it start pressing it to form a circle. Place some stuffing at the center.
Thengai poli Recipe Step 5
Bring all the corners together to the centre. Turn it upside down. Coat your hands with little oil or ghee and start pressing it gently to form a thin circle.
Thengai poli Recipe Step 6
Meanwhile heat a dosa pan and carefully take the poli and place it on the dosa pan. Cook both sides in medium flame by adding ghee or oil.
Thengai poli Recipe Step 7


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