Vazhaithandu Soup Recipe | Plaintain Stem Soup with Dhal

Vazhaithandu Soup Recipe

Vazhaithandu availability is very rare in our place. But whenever I got to see them in the store, I always grab some. This time, I got them in excess so that I can try out different recipes out of it. One such recipe is this thick plantain stem soup with dhal.  Plantain stem is packed with lots of nutrientsand its good to include this in our diet quite frequently. This soup recipe is very simple and can be prepared in 15 minutes time. Enjoy this hot, wholesome soup with freshly ground balck peppercorns. we both thoroughly enjoyed having it.

Banana Stem Soup Recipe

Vazhaithandu Soup Recipe
Preparation Time : 10 Minutes
Cooking Time : 15 Minutes
Serves : 2 Nos


Plantain Stem 1/2 Cup (cut into Cubes)
Shallots 3 Nos
Garlic 2 Nos
Green Chillies 1 No
Bay Leaves 1 No
Cumin Seeds 1/2 Teaspoon
Moong Dhal 1.5 Tablespoons
Salt To Taste
Oil 1 Teaspoon
Pepper Powder As Required

Preparation Method

The banana stem will have outer rings may be one or two that has to be removed and the innermost part has to be taken. Cut them into circular discs. After cutting each of the discs, you can see some fibre attached to it. Remove the fibres with your fingers and repeat the same till you cut the entire length of the banana stem.

Take a bowl of water and add buttermilk / curd to it and mix well. Now cut the circular discs of banana stem into small cubes and drop them into a bowl containing buttermilk, so that the colour of the banana stems remains the same. Let it remain for 10 minutes.

Vazhaithandu Soup Recipe Step 1
Heat a pan / Pressure cooker, add oil. Once it is hot, add  bay leaves, cumin seeds. Immediately add Garlic, green chillies.
Vazhaithandu Soup Recipe Step 1

Add  chopped shallots and saute for few seconds. Then drain the buttermilk and add the plantain stem pieces into that and saute for a minute.

Vazhaithandu Soup Recipe Step 2

Add moong dhal and saute for couple of seconds. Add around 1.5 Cups of water. Add required salt.

Vazhaithandu Soup Recipe Step 3

Pressure cook them for 2 whistles. If you cook them in a pan, add little more water and cook till the plantain stem gets cooked. Discard the bay leaves and take out the cooked plantain stem and grind them to a paste by adding little water. You can also use the water used for boiling the plantain stem.

Vazhaithandu Soup Recipe Step 4

Strain the ground mixture to the pan containing the soup. Mix well and bring it to boil serve it with some pepper powder.

Vazhaithandu Soup Recipe Step 5


Plantain Stem Soup Recipe


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