Broccoli Paratha Recipe

Broccoli Paratha Recipe

I came across this broccoli paratha recipe in one of the TV shows. I found this recipe to be very simple as well as healthy. Unlike stuffed paratha this consumes lesser time as there is no  need to prepare the stuffing masala separately. Though I don’t like broccoli much, this broccoli paratha has turned out so soft and tasty and I couldn’t deny that its become one of my favorites. It can be served with any raita or some spicy curry of your choice.

Broccoli Chappathi Recipe

Broccoli Paratha Recipe
Preparation Time : 15 Minutes
Cooking Time : 15 – 20 Minutes
Yields : 6-8 Nos


Broccoli Florets 1 Cup
Ginger A Small Piece
Wheat Flour 1.5 Cups
Salt To Taste
Oil / Ghee As Required

Preparation Method

Wash the broccoli florets and soak them in boiling water for 5 – 7 minutes.Drain the water and grind the broccoli florets with ginger to a fine paste.
Broccoli Paratha Recipe Step 1
In a wide bowl add wheat flour and required salt and mix well. Then add the ground paste and start kneading the dough without adding water. Sprinkle water little by little (only if it is required). Knead to form a smooth dough. Close the dough and let it remain for 10 – 15 minutes.
Broccoli Paratha Recipe Step 2
Split the dough into equal sized balls. Take one ball of dough and dust it with dry flour and start shaping it using a rolling pin.
Broccoli Paratha Recipe Step 3
Sprinkle few drops of oil or ghee and spread it evenly. Fold the circle into half and again fold it into half to form a triangle shape.
Broccoli Paratha Recipe Step 4
Dust it again with flour and press it using rolling pin till desired thickness is reached. Heat a tawa and placed the roti on it and sprinkle some ghee or oil. Cook well on both sides till you see some nice brown spots. Transfer it to a plate and serve.

If you prefer, you can add 2 green chillies while grinding the broccoli.
Always allow to rest the dough for 10 – 15 minutes, before making parathas so that it turn out soft.


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