Pachapayaru Kuzhambu Recipe | Greengram Gravy Recipe

Paasipayaru Kuzhambu Recipe

Here is one another healthy gravy made with greengram / Pachapayaru. Yesterday, I soaked some greengram to make some soup for myself. I am very much fond of soups and especially greengram soup will be very filling too.After it got soaked, I felt that the quantity is too much for soup. So reserved some to try a gravy which goes well with rice. Instead of making kuzhambu with some fresh or dried vegetables, this greengram kuzhambu will be quite different. Moreover the cooking process is very simple and quick. This pachapayru gravy can be served with steamed rice and omelette.

Pachapayaru Kuzhambu Recipe

Greengram Gravy Recipe
Preparation Time : 15 Minutes
Cooking Time      : 30 Minutes
Serves : 2


Greengram 1/3  Cup
Onion 1 No (Chopped)
Tomato 1 No (Chopped)
Tamarind A Small Lemon Sized
Fenugreek 1/4 Teaspoon
Asafoetida (Optional) A Pinch
Turmeric Powder A Pinch
Chilli Powder 1 Teaspoon
Coriander Powder 2 Teaspoons
Garlic 2 Nos
Oil 1 Teaspoon
Salt To Taste

Preparation Method

Wash greengram and soak it for 2 –3 hours. Pressure cook for 2 –3 whistles till they are soft and slightly mash them and keep it aside.

Greengram Gravy Recipe Step 1
Heat a tawa and once it is hot, add oil. Once the oil is hot, add fenugreek and fry for few seconds. Add asafoetida and fry.

Greengram Gravy Recipe Step 2
Add finely chopped onion and garlic and saute till onion becomes translucent. Add tomatoes and cook till it becomes mushy.

Greengram Gravy Recipe Step 3
Add turmeric powder, chilli powder, coriander powder, salt and mix well. Then extract juice from the soaked tamarind and add it to the gravy.

Greengram Gravy Recipe Step 4
Bring it to boil by adding water as per your consistency. When the gravy is boiling well, add the cooked greengram and mix well.

Greengram Gravy Recipe Step 5
Cook it for 3 –5 more minutes and then turn off the flame.

Greengram Gravy Recipe Step 6

  Just before turning off the flame you can add freshly chopped curry leaves for extra flavour.

  If the greengram is not soaked, then it has to be cooked for 5 – 7 whistles.

  Adding garlic is optional and it can be skipped if not preferred.

  Instead of chilli and coriander powder, sambar powder can be added.


Greengram gravy recipe


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