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Maida Murukku

Maida Murukku is my mom’s specialty and I always ask her to make this rather than the usual murukku. In my school days, I used to help her in making this murukku. Its very simple when compared to the regular murukku which requires a lot of effort like preparing rice flour and urad dhal flour. All of a sudden, felt like having murukku. Instantly ringed my mom, got the recipe from her and made this in an hours time. It came out very crispy and tasty and we both really liked it.

Maida Murukku Recipe

Maida Murukku Recipe
                                    Preparation Time : 15 Minutes (Excludes the cooling time of the steamcooked flour)
  Cooking Time       : 45 Minutes
      Yields                       : 20 – 22 Nos


All Purpose Flour / Maida 1.5 Cups
Cumin Seeds 1 Teaspoon
Asafoetida 1/4 Teaspoon
Butter 1.5 Teaspoons
Salt To Taste
Oil For Frying
Hot Water As Required

Preparation Method

Measure all purpose flour and keep it ready. Wet a white cotton cloth and spread them on the idly plate. Transfer the all purpose flour into that cloth .Bring together all the corners of the cloth and close the flour.

Maida Murukku Recipe. step 1
Place the idly plate in the idly steamer and cook for 10- 12 minutes. Remove the flour from the cloth and transfer it to a wide plate.

Maida Murukku Recipe. step 2
The steam cooked flour with have lots of lumps Breakdown them and allow it to cool down completely for an hour. Then sieve the cooled flour.
Maida Murukku Recipe. step 3
To the sieved flour, add salt, cumin seeds, asafoetida and give it a mix.

Maida Murukku Recipe. step 4
Add butter and mix well. Add hot water little by little and knead the flour till you get a smooth dough. Used a laddle to mix the flour initially as it is hot water.

Maida Murukku Recipe. step 5

Split the dough and make them in cylindrical shape. I took a sigle star shapped press for this recipe.
Maida Murukku Recipe. step 6
Place the dough in the murukku press and close it. Press it to form a circular shape murukku. I the backside of the laddle so that I can easily transfer it to the hot oil.
Maida Murukku Recipe. step 7
Heat oil in a kadai and once it is hot, slowly drop the pressed murukku. Do not add too many murukkus as it may get broken. Maintain the temperature in medium low.
Maida Murukku Recipe. step 8

Cook on both sides till it turns into light golden brown colour. Moreover the sounds will stop when it is cooked well. Drain the oil and transfer it to a plate. Allow it to cool down completely and then transfer it to air tight container and enjoy.
Maida Murukku Recipe. step 9


1. Do not add more butter than the quantity mentioned. It will make the murukku to break into pieces once dropped in oil.
2. While kneading the dough add water little by little and knead them.
3. You can also add sesame seeds if you prefer

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