Orange Juice Recipe | Fresh Juice Recipe


Its summer again and time to enjoy refreshing and cold drinks. Here I am with very simple fresh juice recipe. This is not a great recipe to post though. But still thought to post it as it is one of my favorites and the most frequent one that I make. Since both of us don’t have a habit of having coffee or tea, juice has always been the best alternative. I would always prefer fresh juice rather than any other drinks. I am very much fond of fresh juices and will try to make juice from almost every fruits that I find in the market.

Fresh Orange Juice

Orange Juice Recipe
Preparation Time : 10 Minutes
Serves   : 2


Juicing orange 4 Nos
Sugar 1 Tablespoon
Ice Cubes 4 Nos

Preparation Method

  Wash the oranges and cut them in to halves.

Orange Juice Recipe Step 1
  Press the cut oranges using the citrus presser and extract the juice from all of them.

Orange Juice Recipe Step 2
  Transfer the juice to a glass and add sugar / honey. Mix well. Add ice cubes before serving.

Orange Juice Recipe Step 3

  Based on the sweetness of the oranges, the sugar quantity can be adjusted.

  Sugar can be replaced with honey as well.


Orange Juice


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