Capsicum Chutney Recipe | Kudaimilagai Chutney

Kudaimilagai Chutney Recipe

Capsicum Chutney is yet another different chutney recipe tried for the first time. In my last weekend shopping, I got tri color capsicum / Bell Peppers. I used them for Paneer Tikka (Recipe Coming up soon) and some for capsicum paneer gravy. I still had one red capsicum left out. I was thinking of what to prepare out of it and I remember my mom told me once that chutney can be prepared with red capsicum. So made this bright colored chutney and served it for dosa. It look just like the usual Onion Tomato Chutney, but tasted very different and tasty.

Bell Pepper Chutney Recipe

Capsicum Chutney Recipe
Preparation Recipe : 5 Minutes
Cooking Time           : 10 Minutes
Serves       : 3


Capsicum 1 Medium Sized
Red Chillies 4 Nos
Garlic 3 Pods
Bengal Gram 1 Tablespoon
Urad Dhal 1 Tablespoon
Tamarind Little
Mustard 1 Teaspoon
Curry Leaves A Sprig
Salt To Taste
Oil 2 Teaspoons

                                                                Preparation Method

Heat a pan and add a teaspoon of oil. Once it is hot, add the urad dhal, bengal gram and fry them till it turns into light brown colour. Add Garlic, red chillies and fry for few seconds.

Capsicum Chutney Recipe Step 1

Add the chopped capsicum and fry for couple of minutes.

Capsicum Chutney Recipe Step 2

Finally add tamarind and fry for a minute. Turn off the flame.

Capsicum Chutney Recipe Step 3

Allow the mixture to cool down and grind them to a fine paste by adding required salt. Temper it with mustard and curry leaves.

Capsicum Chutney Recipe Step 4

Add the tempering to the ground chutney and mix well. Serve with dosa or idly.

Capsicum Chutney Recipe Step 5Notes

You can add more red chillies, if you wanted the chutney to be spicy.

Adding garlic is optional. It can be skipped as well.

I used red capsicum, however the same chutney can be prepared with other colored capsicums as well.

Capsicum Chutney Recipe


  1. chutney looks awesome .i posted this chutney day before .check it out.