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Poori Recipe
In my childhood days, my mom always makes poori for me whenever she make chapathi for rest of the family. Because I do not like chapathi at that age. But now its just the reverse of it. I used to prepare poori very very rare. Not because I do not like it, but just wanted to avoid using too much of oil for deep frying. Last weekend, my hubby asked for poori and I thought of clicking picture as I make them. Poori is a very common recipe and I just wanted to post my version of it. My all time favorite combo for poori is the potato Masala / poori masal. I will be posting the recipe shortly.

Puri Recipe


Poori Recipe
Preparation Time            : 5 Minutes
Standing Time for Dough : 10 Minutes
Cooking Time                    : 10 Minutes
Makes                        : 8 - 10


Wheat Flour 1 Cup
Water Approximately 1/4 Cup
Salt To Taste
Ghee (Optional) 1 Teaspoon

Preparation Method

Mix wheat flour, salt in a wide bowl. Add ghee and mix it well.

Poori Recipe Step 1

Slowly add water little by little and knead them to a smooth dough. Let it remain for 10 minutes.

Poori Recipe Step 2

Knead it again and divide them into equal sized balls. Roll them into circle. Make sure you don’t roll them too thin.

Poori Recipe Step 3

Roll the all the dough balls into circles and keep them ready. Meanwhile heat a tawa and add enough oil for deep frying the pooris. When the oil is hot, drop the poori along the side of the tawa. Gently press the small bubbles that appear on the poori with the laddle so that the poori puffs up.

Poori Recipe Step 4
Wait till one side gets cooked. Now carefully turn the poori to the other side and cook till it turns into light golden colour. Drain the oil and transfer the poori.
Poori Recipe Step 5


Adding ghee is optional. It gives a good flavor to the pooris.

I also tried making pooris by adding 2 teaspoons of rava/ sooji which makes it even more crispier.

Do not allow the oil to reach smoking hot temperature. Adjust the flame accordingly. Make sure the oil is hot for the pooris to puff well.

Do not use too much flour for dusting while rolling the pooris. The floor used for dusting will remain as residue in the oil.

The poori dough should be stiffer than the dough we knead for chapati or Rotis.


Puffed Poori Recipe


  1. I too love pooris .Yesterdy i posted potato masala recipe what a coincidence .Pooris look so good

  2. Great Coincidence Priya :) Will take a look at your recipe.