Idly Milagai Podi Recipe|Idly Podi with Whole Black Lentils

Idly Milagai Podi Recipe

I used to love idly podi very much that even if my mom makes 2 – 3 chutneys for dosa and idlies, I still ask her for Idly podi as well. So Idly milagai podi will always be in stock at our home. Even when I was in hostel, my mom used to pack me a bog box of this chutney powder which will last till I come home next time. When we pack idlies for our picnics or trips, we used to mix some idly podi with sesame oil and spread that on the idlies, which tastes great. We always used to prepare this with plain urad dhal. Here is the recipe for that type of Idly podi. But this time for a change, made it with whole black lentils. The color of this chutnney powder will be little darker than the usual podi prepared with plain urad dhal. This version also tasted good and also whole black lentils is very good for health so gave it a try!!


Idly Milagai Podi Recipe
Preparation and cooking Time : 15 Minutes


Red Chillies 10-15 Nos
Whole Black Lentils 1/2 Cup
Channa Dhal 1/2 Cup
Asafoetida A Pinch
Salt To Taste
Oil 1/2 Teaspoon
Garlic 2 Pods
Preparation Method

Heat a pan and add oil. Once it is hot, add whole black lentils and fry them for around 5 minutes.Transfer it to a plate.

In the same pan add channa dhal dhal and add them till it turns to light brown colour and transfer it to a plate

Idly Milagai Podi Recipe Step 1

Add red chillies and fry them till it turns to dark red colour. Transfer it to a plate. When the roasted contents are hot, add asafoetida, salt and mix well and allow it to cool down.

Idly Milagai Podi Recipe Step 2

Grind them to a little coarse powder. Add chopped garlic and give it a quick grind. After it cools down transfer it to an air tight container and use it when required.

Idly Milagai Podi Recipe Step 3


Adding garlic is optional and it can be skipped.

Adding rock salt instead of table salt enhances the taste. If you are using rock salt, you can add it to the pan after roasting all the ingredients and turn off the flame. Let it remain in the pan for a minute.

Grind the ingredients only after it is cooled down completely.


Idli Podi Recipe