Pearl Millet Dosa Recipe | Kambu Dosa | Bajra Dosa

I had around 1 Cup of dosa batter left out. I was too lazy to think of other altenatives for dinner. So mixed bajra (Kambu) flour to the left over dosa matter and made dosa out of it. It turned out very nice and I could finish off the dinner prepartaion in just 20 minutes. It can be served with any spicy chutney or gravy of your choice.

Bajra / Pearl Millet/ Kambu flour 1.5 Cups
Dosa Batter 1 Cup
Salt To Taste
Water As Required
Oil 2 Tablespoons

Preparation Method
  • Measure pearl millet flour and add dosa batter to it. Also add required salt. Make sure you add salt sufficient enough for the pearl millet flour. Because dosa batter will already have salt in it.
  • Add water and mix it to a dosa batter consistency without any lumps.
  • Let it remain for 10 minutes.
  • Heat a dosa tawa and once it is hot, add a laddle full of batter and spread it gently to a round shape.

  • Drizzlr some oil around the dosa.
  • Wait till it gets cooked and then flip over to the other side.
  • Once the other side is also cooked, transfer it to a plate and serve hot.



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