Paal Kozhukattai


Paal Kozhukattai is one of  the authentic sweets from chettinad cuisine. Though the preparation method is quite time consuming and little tough, it worth for its taste. Paal kozhukattai can be prepared with either milk, coconut milk and sugar or jaggery syrup. Today I prepared with Jaggery syrup and milk.

Rice flour 1 Cup
Moong Dhal 1/2 Cup
Grated Coconut 1/4 Cup
Milk 2 Cups
Jaggery 3/4 Cup
Cardamom Powder A Pinch
Salt To Taste


Preparation Method
  • Take rice flour and add grated coconut, salt. Mix them well.
  • Add warm water little by little and knead it well.
IMG_7727  IMG_7728  IMG_7729
  • Form a small cylindrical shapes.
IMG_7731  IMG_7732  IMG_7733
  • Once all the dough has been pressed to form cylindrical shapes, keep it aside.
  • Meanwhile boil moong dhal and mash them well.
IMG_7734  IMG_7730   IMG_7735
  • Add milk and when it is boiling well, drop the cylindrical shapes dough to the boiling milk.
  • Do not disturb the milk atleast for couple of minutes after dropping them.
  • After 2 minutes, slightly mix the milk without disturbing the kozhukattai
IMG_7736  IMG_7739  IMG_7740
  • Powder the jaggery and add little water to dissolve it.
IMG_7737  IMG_7738  IMG_7741     
  • After 3 – 5 minutes, filter the jaggery syrup and add it to the milk.
  • Add cardamom and mix it well. Allow it to boil for 5 minutes. Then turn off the flame and transfer to the bowl and serve.
IMG_7742  IMG_7743  IMG_7744 


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe, this is one my favourite dish :)