Ragi Roti


Ragi Roti is a very healthy diet. It can be prepared with minimal number of ingredients. I prepared this for evening snack. It can be served with coriander/Mint chutney. Ragi roti tastes very delicious when we add drumstick leaves to it. The flavour will be so nice and it adds additional taste to it. My mom used to add drumstick leaves. Since I did not get it here, I replaced it with curry leaves.

Ragi flour 1 Cup
Onion 1 No (Finely Chopped)
Green Chillies 2 Nos (Finely Chopped)
Curry Leaves A Strig
Salt To Taste
Oil 1/2 Tablespoon


Preparation Method
  • Measure 1 cup of Ragi flour and add required salt.
  • Add chopped onion, green chillies and curry leaves.
  • Mix everything together by adding water little by little.
IMG_6226  IMG_6227  IMG_6228
  • Knead it well so that it is not sticking to the bowl. Let is aside for 30 minutes.
IMG_6229  IMG_6230  IMG_6242
  • Split the dough into equal sized balls.
  • Take a piece of foil, smear it with little oil.
  • Take a ball and press it to a round shape. Let it be little thick so that it is easy to lift and transfer to the tawa.
IMG_6244  IMG_6245  IMG_6246
  • Heat a tawa and carfeully transfer the ragi roti to it and cook them by adding few drop of oil.
  • Turn back to the other side and cook it well.
  • Transfer it to a plate and serve with chutney or any sauce of your choice.
IMG_6247  IMG_6248  IMG_6249


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