Sweet Verkadalai | Sweet Peanuts

Verkadalai/Peanuts can be prepared in numerous ways. Each recipe has its own taste. I wanted to try it out with jaggery. Its very nutritious and easy to prepare.

Peanuts 1 Cup
Jaggery 3/4 Cup
Preparation Method
  • Transfer the peanuts to a dried pan.
  • Start frying till the skin turns to dark brown with few balck spots.
  • Turn off the flame and allow it to cool down for few minutes.
IMG_4954  IMG_4955  IMG_4956
  • Remove the skin by just rubbing and break the peanuts into two halves.
  • Add jaggery to thick bottomed pan.
IMG_4957  IMG_4960  IMG_4961 
  • Add little water for the jaggery to get immersed.
  • Keep Stirring continuously till it a nice froth appears. Turn off the flame.
  • When it is warm, filter the syrup to remove the impurities.
IMG_4962  IMG_4964  IMG_4965 
  • Mix well and transfer it to a air tight container after it cools down. It can be stored for a week.


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