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Potato Fry Recipe

Potato fry recipe is a very common dish that is prepared very often in our family. Potato is one veggie which will be available at home most of the time. There are different versions of making this potato fry recipe. This is one such recipe with minimal ingredients and can be prepared relatively quick. Moreover potato is liked by most of us. It can and serves as a best sides for most of the rice varieties like Lemon Rice, Tomato Rice, Sambar Rice. This recipe can be prepared for kids lunch box or even for a picnic.

Here is the recipe.

Crispy Potato Fry Recipe

Quick Potato Fry Recipe
Preparation Time : 10 Minutes
Cooking Time      : 15 Minutes
Serves: 2


Potato 2 Small (Cut into small pieces)
Mustard 1 Teaspoon
Plain Flour 2 Teaspoons
Curry leaves 1 Strig
Turmeric powder A Pinch
Chilli Powder 1 Teaspoon
Salt To Taste
Oil 1/2 Tablespoon

Preparation Method

Wash the potatoes, peel off the skin and cut into small pieces of equal size.

Potato Fry Recipe - Step 1

    Wash the potatoes couple of times and drain the water completely. Sprinkle plain flour    and mix well

Potato Fry Recipe - Step 2

    Heat a pan and add oil to it. Allow it to get hot. Then add Mustard.After it splutters, add curry leaves. Immediately add the cut potato pieces and mix them well.

Potato Fry Recipe - Step 3

     Add turmeric and chilli Powder, salt and keep mixing till it becomes little crispy. It takes around 10 – 12 minutes. Turn off the flame and transfer to the serving bowl.

Potato Fry Recipe - Step 4


Washing the potatoes after cutting, prevents the potato cubes from sticking to each other   while frying.

Adding All purpose flour makes it more crispier.

If you like garlic flavor, add finely chopped garlic after tempering it with curry leaves.

Instead of chilli powder, sambar powder can be added.

Quick Potato Fry Recipe



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