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Banana Halwa
Once I had too many Bananas at home and I was not sure what to do with all those. Moreover I do not want to waste it. When I spoke with my mom that day, she came up with an idea of Banana Halwa. I heard it for the first time from her. Initially when she told, I was not sure how this recipe is going to be. Believe me, it turned out to be a major hit and my hubby really liked it. Thanks to my mom for giving me such a nice recipe.
Here is how I made it….
Banana 4 Nos
Sugar 1 Cup
Ghee 3 Tablespoons
Cashew 10 Nos
Orange Food Colour/ Saffron A Pinch
Cardamom Powder A Pinch
Banana Halwa 1
Preparation Method
  1. Remove the Banana skin and cut the banana into very small pieces.
  2. Add sugar to a thick bottomed pan and add little water for the sugar to get immersed.
  3. When the sugar is dissolved, add the finely cut banana pieces and keep stirring.
  4. After 10 minutes, all the banana will get dissolved without any lumps.
  5. At this stage add cardamom powder and little of food colour/Saffron and keep mixing.
  6. Start adding ghee little by little with constant stirring.
  7. In few minutes, the mixture will turn into a consistency of halwa (without sticking to the pan).
  8. Switch off the flame and add the cashews roasted in ghee to the halwa.
  9. Mix and transfer it to the bowl for serving.


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